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Protection Tissue

Pritchard Paper converts a full line of dye sublimation protection tissues that are used for the blanket protection of rotary heat presses. Our tissues are capable of withstanding heavy ink applications, and are ideal in the safeguarding against ghosting. Using our dye sublimation tissues will net you high-quality print results and ensure the prolonged life of your heat press belts.

The Jet-Protect Rotary Heat Press Belt Protection Tissue comes in four grades

Light (19 GSM)
Regular (22 GSM)
Heavy (25 GSM)
Block (40 GSM)

Compatible with all standard sublimation equipment, the Jet-Protect technology will:

Protect and prolong the life of calendar and heat press belts


Prevent discoloring and/or yellowing of the printed substrate during the heat transfer process


Prevent ink penetration


At Pritchard Paper, we convert all of our own dye sublimation tissue—a product also known as transfer tissue. Acting as the protection layer or carrier sheet, sublimation tissue is a durable, lightweight sheet used in sublimation printing that protects ink transfer between your transfer paper and your machine belts.

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Benefits for You

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