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  • Kraft Paper Recycled

    PPP’s Kraft paper is simply the best on the market. Our lay-flat kraft paper provides the highest performance and excellence with use on all cutting tables. All of our kraft paper is converted using mostly virgin kraft material which remains smooth, strong, crisp and lays flat and straight. Lesser quality recycled kraft papers are often soft, snap easily, and leave fibre residues on cut fabrics. The quality of our kraft underlay paper will keep your cutting operations efficient and productive and will keep a smile on your cutters face!
    With its straight and flat properties your fabrics will lay flat allowing for pure and clean cuts every time while providing easy transition from table to cutter.

    Lay Flat

    Incredible stability in the shipping process. Your rolls will arrive protected, clean, even and most importantly undamaged every time. An environmental advantage that eliminates the use of unnecessary cartons. Our roll guards are made entirely from recycled materials.

    Cradle Pack

    Used in day-to-day design projects, industrial paper can bring an element of the unexpected, many times in a cost-efficient way. Let a PPP Sales member explain the advantage of Industrial Grade Papers.

    Industrial Grade