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PPP stocks a full line of plotter pens and inks used on computerized marking and grading systems.

We are one of the largest and leading suppliers of Fisher plotter pens and inks, which can be used on Gerber, Lectra, Investronica, Eastman, Ioline, Tukatech, Assyst-Bullmer, Autometrix, and all other computer-driven plotters. These pens have stainless steel, precision-machined sockets which prevent leakage and ensure uniform ink flow. Their shelf life is about 100 years. Many other engineering-grade plotter pens, ink-jet cartridges, and accessories are available upon request.

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Benefits for You

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Plotter Pens

Regular Series


  • 1.77″/45mm
  • 2.6″/66mm
  • 2.7″/69mm
  • 3.0″/76mm
  • 3.5″/89mm



  • 4.2″/107mm

Super Giants


  • 2.0″/51mm
  • 3.7″/94mm
  • 4.5″/107mm
Empty Reservoir Pens


  • 1.5″ Extension
  • 2″ Extension

Point Sizes: Fine Point – 0.3mm; Medium Point – 0.4mm; Bold Point – 0.46mm

Standard Colours: Black, Red, Blue

Plotter Pen Ink

Black Reservoir Ink


  • 4-oz Bottle
  • Low Viscosity 4-oz Bottle
  • 16-oz Bottle
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