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Super White Plotter Paper

We carry a full line of the highest quality plotter papers for computerized marking and grading systems. Our plotter papers can be used on any CAD system. All grades are made to the strictest standards, ensuring a consistent, quality product. Our stock inventory offers many different grades and colors – and custom sizes, grades, and yardages are available upon request.

Bright White – This sheet allows for clear marker lines and identification print enabling precise ease of information in your cutting and sewing rooms.

Lay Flat –  With its straight and flat properties your fabrics will lay flat allowing for pure and clean cuts every time while providing easy transition from table to cutter.

Cradle Pack – Incredible stability in the shipping process. Your rolls will arrive protected, clean, even and most importantly undamaged every time. An environmental advantage that eliminates the use of unnecessary cartons. Our roll guards are made entirely from recycled materials.

Pritchard Paper is the largest supplier of separating tissue in the western hemisphere.

Product Features

Benefits for You

One Product for All Applications

More meters / yards on a roll

Highest Transfer Yield

Sizing / Colour


SIZES : 12″, 18″, 24″, 31 1/2″, 33″, 36″, 48″, 60″, 63″, 67″, 72″, 82″, 84″, 90″, 92″, 100″, 120″, 126″

YARDAGE : 50-600 yds

COLOUR : White

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