Rainbow Pattern Paper – Pink, Canary, Green, Salmon, Blue

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Pattern Paper – Rainbow Colour (Pink, Canary, Green, Blue, Salmon)

Our Rainbow pattern paper is colourful and is used to identify patterns by colour alone. Available in five colours, it allows for easy cutting in any pattern room. Our rolls lay flat, are durable with an incredibly smooth finish & clean cut edges

Canada may be the Great White North, but we certainly love colour! Pritchard Paper is proud to offer a “Rainbow” Pattern Paper that comes in five beautiful pastel colours: Pink, yellow, blue, green, and salmon.

Whichever colour you choose, this 100# basis-weight Pattern Paper is all-virgin TAG, light-weight, and especially smooth on the hands while cutting. The advantages of our Rainbow Pattern Papers are appreciated by some of the greatest designers in the world. In addition to brightening up your design room, our pleasant Rainbow Pattern Papers offer many other advantages, including ease of visual separation between size, seasons, customers, samples, and finals, and is commonly used to differentiate between front and back panels. Great colours, great choice!

Product Features

Benefits for You

One Product for All Applications

More meters / yards on a roll

Highest Transfer Yield

Sizing / Colours


LENGTH : 400′, 500′, 600′ 1000′


COLOURS : Salmon, Canary, Pink, Blue, Green

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