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Jetcol® Xtreme Light – Designed for high productive printers

Xtreme® LIGHT is a low weight paper designed for the fast industrial printers producing fashion with lower ink coverages. Due to the lower weight this paper is especially suitable for printing companies who deliver their printed paper all over the world by air transportation.

Low transportation costs of printed paper
This light paper is designed for the superfast fashion printers. The choice of paper grade is often determined by the amount of ink applied on the paper. The fast fashion printers often use a limited amount of ink which also allows the paper to be thinner as it does not have to absorb much water from the ink. The Xtreme® LIGHT paper is a 45 gsm paper which will give you a good runnability on your printer and calendar and good colours. The 45 gsm paper is mainly suitable for those printers who print paper but do not transfer the images to polyester themselves as they benefit most from a light paper, reducing their airfreight costs of printed paper all over the world.

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