Jetcol OS

Jetcol OS

Our Jetcol® OS dye sublimation paper is the first in the industry to be developed for use with inks based on oil and solvents.The transfer yield enables a wide colour range, resulting in rich and vibrant colours and an extremely deep, saturated black.

Jetcol® OS is one of our specialities at Pritchard Paper, and is used for printers working with dye sublimation inks based on oil or solvents. Inks that require a very special coating.

Jetcol® OS dye sublimation paper has a weight of 125 gsm, and is mainly used for wide format visual communication on textile and exhibition backdrops.

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Benefits for You

[anzio_fun_facts title=”Suitable for oil or solvent inks”]
[anzio_fun_facts title=”No cockling, no migration”]
[anzio_fun_facts title=”Available in 3.2m width”]


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