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Jet-X – One product for all applications

Jet-X® is a 57 gsm paper which is developed for the regular water based sublimation inks as well as sublimation inks with high glycol content. Due to its base paper structure and unique coating Jet-X will give you optimal colours and a prefect runnability on printer and calender.

Many customers have plotters but also an industrial printer with a slightly different type of ink which would require a different type of sublimation coating. Our Jet-X® paper is designed to work optimal with all different types of water based sublimation inks, irrespective of the glycol content. The base structure of the paper and the unique coating guarantee the brightest colours.

With a base weight of only 57 g/m2 Jet-X® still offers high stability and is able to handle high ink quantities. On top of that it will run smooth on any printer or calender. It comes in rolls with many linear meters so that the number of stops during production is minimized.

Product Features

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One Product for All Applications

More meters / yards on a roll

Highest Transfer Yield


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