Easy Slide — 1-Sided Waxed Flooring Underlay

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Easy Slide — 1-Sided Waxed Flooring Underlay

It goes without saying: Floors are important. They comprise a large area of a home or office, so it’s essential to install them correctly. Pritchard Paper’s Easy Slide – 1 Sided Waxed Flooring Underlay, a 30lb Waxed Paper roll, is recommended for the installation of hardwood and engineered nail-down flooring. The Waxed Flooring Underlay provides a professional-grade thickness and performance to help ease the installation, and reduce squeaks in plywood subfloors. While flooring, our 1-Sided Waxed Flooring Underlay is simply placed between the subfloor and the wood flooring on above-grade installations. The Waxed Flooring Underlay comes in an extra-large (3x250ft) roll for a total of 750ft2.

1-Sided Waxed Flooring Underlay summary:

  • A high quality, heavy duty Kraft paper (30lb) for professional performance
  • Will help as a barrier between wood subfloors, and new floors on above-grade installations
  • Will reduce squeaks in plywood subfloors
  • Helps slide boards into place with ease
  • Waxed on both sides for use with hardwood or engineered nail-down installations
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Benefits for You

[anzio_fun_facts title=”A high quality, heavy duty Kraft paper”]
[anzio_fun_facts title=”Reduce squeaks in plywood subfloors”]
[anzio_fun_facts title=”Waxed on both sides”]


Sizing Chart

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