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Reggiani NEXT Printer

Digital Printing Machine for Printing on Paper EFI Reggiani industrial beltless digital printing machine, prints on paper for transfer with four double heads and very brilliant colors. The NEXT printer can manage 3,000 l/m  paper roll thanks to its strong  mechanical structure for 24 hours/day. EFI Reggiani proposes to the market the newborn [...]

What is Sublimation?

In terms of answering the questions What is Sublimation? as it relates to garments and textiles … Sublimation is the process by which specialized inks are applied with a specialized printer to … you guessed it … specialized paper.  This paper is then placed on a white 100% polyester garment and heat applied to that garment. The process of [...]

Pritchard Paper Proud Partnership

Pritchard Paper Proud Partnership with Neenah Coldenhove Paper Off to a great start for 2018. Pritchard Paper Products is proud to be the Master Paper Converter for Canada of Neenah Coldenhove Paper products. History of Neenah Coldenhove  Neenah Coldenhove is our trading name. The full name however is: W.A. Sanders Papierfabriek Neenah [...]