Sublimation Paper
High Release Water Based Digital Sublimation Paper
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exPrintXP-HR® Desktop dye-sub paper is the world's largest selling desktop paper, available in a full range of sheet and roll sizes, compatible with all Epson desktop piezo printers. Designed for Sawgrass water-based sublimation inks. Beaver Paper was first to introduce "Quick-Dry" dye sublimation paper to the industry almost five years ago. Today, our latest iteration of that original "Quick-Dry" product, TexPrintXP-HR® is the #1 selling dye-sub paper in North America! What's more, TexPrintXP-HR® is still the only "hybrid" paper that can be used successfully for both hard & soft substrates. TexPrintXP-HR is a simpler way of getting things done. One product "fits all" is the perfect way for distributors and end-users alike. There is no need to use different papers & profiles for different applications. TexPrintXP-HR® is available through authorized distributors worldwide! New & improved "Hybrid" formulation available in all sheet sizes including A4, A3 andA2. Rolls for desktop printers in 33cm & 43cm, and 105gsm weight.
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