Sublimation Paper
For RICOH High-Speed Sublimation Printers
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TexPrint-R® is a new "special purpose" dye sublimation paper that puts the blazing speed of the new RICOH GX series printers to full use, and TexPrint-R® does this while maintaining the premium definition and color fidelity that the TexPrint® family of sublimation papers is renowned for. TexPrint-R® delivers excellent dimensional stability at high speeds and heavy ink loads, exceptional resistance to smudging and offsetting, directional out-gassing (dye-gases aimed at the receptor with no back gassing), very high color transfer efficiency, and as with all the rest of the TexPrint® family, TexPrint-R® is 100% recyclable! This leading edge technology works with RICOH models GX 5050 and GX 7000. Available in 110 pack sheet sizes, 8.5" x 11", 8.5 14", 11" x 17", 13" 19"and A4 - A3.
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