Pastel Floor Underlay
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Pritchard Paper is the leading supplier to the sewn products industry in Canada, The USA, Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands. Pritchard Paper is the complete source for all sewn products consumables, providing the industry with supplies for design, manual, automated manufacturing and all distribution phases. With a comprehensive line of products, Pritchard Paper will provide your design room, production and distribution facilities with quality products, experienced service, competitive pricing and extensive options.
Flooring covers a large area of a home, so PPP’S Pastel Floor Underlay, (30-LB Waxed Paper Roll) is recommended for the installation of hardwood and engineered nail-down flooring. The wax paper provides a professional grade thickness and performance to help ease the installation and reduce squeaks in plywood subfloors. The wax paper is simply placed between the subfloor and the wood flooring on above grade installations. Come is an extra large, 3 ft. x 250 ft. roll for a total of 750 sq, ft.

· High quality 30-lb. heavy duty Kraft paper for professional performance
· Will help as a barrier between wood subfloor and new floor on above grade installations
· Will help in reducing squeaks in plywood subfloors
· Helps slide boards into place with ease
· Waxed on both sides for use with hardwood or engineered nail-down installations
Industrial Grade
Used in day-to-day design projects, industrial paper can bring an element of the unexpected, many times in a cost-efficient way. Let a PPP Sales member explain the advantage of Industrial Grade Papers.
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