Super White Lite Plotter Paper
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Pritchard Paper is the leading supplier to the sewn products industry in Canada, The USA, Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands. Pritchard Paper is the complete source for all sewn products consumables, providing the industry with supplies for design, manual, automated manufacturing and all distribution phases. With a comprehensive line of products, Pritchard Paper will provide your design room, production and distribution facilities with quality products, experienced service, competitive pricing and extensive options.
Super White LITE is also a premium sheet. This particualr virgin sheet is just as smooth as it 35lb sister but is lighter in basis weight at 30 lbs. This lighter weight sheet allows our customers to have greater put-ups on each roll where diamter and/or space in and around their plotters are a concern. Simply put, it allows our customers to have more paper on each roll which translates to extra time between roll changes on their plotters.
Bright White
This high bright bond paper provides excellent clarity between your paper and ink and is your number one choice for master markers and for achieving perfection in your design and cutting rooms.
Hight Contrast
This sheet allows for clear marker lines and identification print enabling precise ease of information in your cutting and sewing rooms.
Lay Flat
With its straight and flat properties your fabrics will lay flat allowing for pure and clean cuts every time while providing easy transition from table to cutter.
Cradle Pack
Incredible stability in the shipping process. Your rolls will arrive protected, clean, even and most importantly undamaged every time. An environmental advantage that eliminates the use of unnecessary cartons. Our roll guards are made entirely from recycled materials.
5 Paper Myths
Need clear and simple information about the paper Industry? Be sure to visit our information page about the misconceptions of the business.