3.7 Plotter Pen
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PPP is a major supplier of plotter pens for use in all types of plotters, including flatbed and other computer-driven plotters. PPP inventories Fisher® plotter pens useable in many Lectra, Gerber, Tukatech, Investronica, Ioline, Morgan Tecnica, Assyst Bullmer, Eastman, and other computer-printing plotting equipment.  
Fisher plotter pens were developed in response to the need for a trouble-free and long-lasting writing instrument. This advancement required the development of special ink. Fisher’s new visco-elastic ink flows as a result of the shearing action of the rolling ball in its socket. This shearing action liquefies the ink, allowing the plotter pen to write smoothly and dependably on most surfaces. The technology is based upon 60 years of research and development in ball point cartridges by the Fisher Space Pen® Co. Unlike ordinary ball pens which rely on gravity to feed ink, the replaceable Fisher Space Pen is pressurized. At nearly 50 pounds per square inch, ink is continuously fed to the tungsten carbide ball, allowing writing or plotting at any angle, even upside down.  
Industrial Grade
Used in day-to-day design projects, industrial grade printing supplies are a long term and cost-efficient way to ensure quality results. Let a PPP Sales member explain the advantage of Industrial Grade Printing Supplies.
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