Void Fill
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Pritchard Paper is the leading supplier to the sewn products industry in Canada, The USA, Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands. Pritchard Paper is the complete source for all sewn products consumables, providing the industry with supplies for design, manual, automated manufacturing and all distribution phases. With a comprehensive line of products, Pritchard Paper will provide your design room, production and distribution facilities with quality products, experienced service, competitive pricing and extensive options.
Perhaps because of the lack of standards for this area, there has been an impressive variety of different products promoted over the years for use as void fill. There have been any number of different paper-based forms (wadded, embossed, crumpled, bogus, printed, unprinted, shredded, slit and expanded); expanded polystyrene (peanuts, donuts, stars, saucers, chips, chunks, noodles); wood (shredded and chipped); various plastic foams and forms; popcorn (real, grown-in-the-field, air-popped popcorn); inflated air pillows; and just about anything else which can be stuffed, shoved, poured, expanded, wrapped and packed into an empty space. Trying to compare the relative capabilities of these diverse forms for their use as void fill has been a fair challenge. At PPP we offer a simple solution using these types of paper that’s are converted at PPP.

Applications :

·        Newsprint
·        Kraft
·        PPP Perforated Kraft (the greatest new Void Fill we offer)
·        Bogus

Standard Rolls

All of our standard rolls have an 7”-8" outer diameter and a 3" inner diameter core. See the below for a listing of the standard widths that we keep in stock. The table includes the weight of each roll and the number of rolls that we put on a full skid.
Industrial Grade
Used in day-to-day design projects, industrial paper can bring an element of the unexpected, many times in a cost-efficient way. Let a PPP Sales member explain the advantage of Industrial Grade Papers.
5 Paper Myths
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