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We are going through a period of delicate adjustments in the global markets and economies. And, moreover, the cost of raw materials and energy is greatly weighing on the manufacturing industry. How and where is the European market moving in the paper industry? And what are the strategies to focus on?


Teresa Presas (Director General at Cepi), Klaus Windhagen (VDP-Director General), andMassimo Medugno (general manager Assocarta) agreed to answer our questions to provide their point of view.

The European paper industry is very diverse, explains TeresaPresas, manager at Cepi: «The European pulp and paper industry is very diverse and ranges from large international companies to SMEs. They also produce a variety of products from pulp to paper, packaging, tissue, chemicals and other. They may or may not own forests and can be integrated or not. They use virgin fibre or recycled fibre as main raw material and are often based in rural areas in Europe». This is why a fundamental role is played by national associations in Europe which «are themselves members of CEPI to liaise with the European institutions for pan-European issues».


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