About Us
The Beginning – Pritchard Paper Products

Pritchard Paper Products (PPP) is a diverse company that is now over fourty years old. The original black rotary Bell Canada telephone is still proudly displayed in our front office. A lot has changed since 1971 when founder Michael Pritchard borrowed a bundle of cartons from his boss for a friend who needed them to get the Friday deliveries out. That bundle of cartons proved to be instrumental to Mickey, triggering the opening of his own business when the owner of his friends business tipped him a few bucks for the favour. Those few bucks were the beginning of what proved to a viable box business. Within months, Mickey scrapped, borrowed and pulled together enough cash for couple thousand cartons and the first month’s rent in the heart of Toronto’s shmuttah district. It was a lot of hard work, moving skids up and down the old freight elevator.

Our Growth

After the purchase of our first paper re-winder the business evolved quickly into different areas. Inevitably, our suppliers became our customers. New markets emerged and opened up their arms to us and today PPP converts paper for many different markets than we could have ever imagined.

Over Fourty Years Later

PPP converts goods with six re-winders & two perforators, distributing these goods from warehouses in eight different countries. PPP has evolved into a major supplier of thousands of different packaging sku’s for markets including sewn products, industrial, manufacturing, converting, warehousing, distribution and retail. With the upcoming arrival of Moving Basics, we are only months away from opening up the on-line consumer market via our new moving supply website store at www.movingbasics.com

5 Paper Myths
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